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Monday, March 12, 2005

Hey everyone! This is my new blog. I'll update it as often as possible!. So whats been up?......hmm...not much actually. Just been lying around, doing schoolwork, and been trying to make some money. Quite boring. In case anyone was wondering you all must know by now, I closed my xanga site. My teacherwas looking at my xanga site and if you called her daughter a "witch" the Hedgepeths HATE you so don;t go near them she also told my dad I was insecure and unsafe on xanga(yes, stupid) he automatically believed her and took away my internet in my room because he said I was getting to "that age." He also told me not to be on xanga. Now my awesome imac just sits there because I can't really do much with it without the net.So that's why i was forced to close down my xanga. But you might be thinking........"well this is like xanga isn't it?" well............yes but it's not "xanga" so i'm not actually disobeying. I've taking a class on this dreamweaver mx so now that I have basic knowledge this is what i've created. Although this blog is very basic it's usable. So now I, Joe, have returned to the bloging world.

Heres a pic of me!.............................*

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See you!